Useful Links

Red Plus Safeguards does not only feature tips, stories, illustrative guides, and activities for students, teachers, and parents. It likewise offers links to websites that can be used for gathering information about school and education in general.

For Students

Prepscholar is an excellent source for students who want to practice for their SAT tests. It contains 14 free official tests set in PDF. Each test has questions, answers, answer explanations, and an essay portion. There are also tests that follow the old 2400 SAT format. Prepscholar likewise provides links to SAT score guides.

Hot Chalk Lesson Plans/

This web page contains a brief discussion of the importance of student-designed curriculum. It talks about how students should be engaged in how schools and teachers prepare their lessons. It attempts to explain why students should be given a chance to design and create their own lesson plans. This is a good one-time resource for students and teachers who want to make the learning process a little easier.

For Teachers

Hot Chalk Lesson Plans/

This website is helpful for teachers who want to learn continuously. There is information about literacy, technology, STEM and its future, teacher leadership, as well as various news and tips regarding the designing and creation of lesson plans. It features more than 3000 lesson plans for preschool and high school that were developed by The University of Missouri teachers and students.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets features reading guides that teacher can use to help students develop their reading comprehension. The guides are intended to help students go through every reading material, especially the longest and most difficult chapters. It contains suggestions and tips and various strategies that can contribute to improving comprehension and develop an interest in reading.

For Parents


Aside from acting as a guide for educators and teachers, the National Charter Resource Center website can also help parents understand more about the charter school system.