Three Simple Tips for Acing the SAT

Taking the SAT is one of the major highlights of every student’s academic life. Passing the said standardized test helps determine the future for many students, especially those who are eager to get into a good college or university. While perfect SAT scores come once in a blue moon, it is a possibility. Aside from the usual SAT practice tests, there are other things you can do to make sure you get a high score, or you get a chance to ace the test. Here are three of them.

1. When studying for the SAT, use questions that are similar to the ones asked during the test.

You do not need to have a dummy copy of the SAT to do this. You only need to make sure that the questions you answer are the types that are asked during the SAT. You can use online test guides or prep books. The best thing to do, however, is to take SAT practice tests that are given by the College Board.

2. During Practice Tests, Analyze Your Mistakes and Work on Your Weaknesses

Which question types gave you the most mistakes? Why do you think this is so? What are your weaknesses? These questions are necessary if you want to improve your SAT performance. Trying to determine which types of questions you find difficult will help you figure out what you need to improve on.

3. Finally, during the actual SAT, determine which problems or questions you should spend time on and which ones you should pass up.

Using your strengths and weaknesses (which you developed by doing tip number two), determine which problems or questions are easiest for you and spend some time answering them. Do not skip the ones you are struggling to answer, just focus on them last. This will give you more time to respond to the questions that you are sure you’ll get right. Likewise, this will help you answer all questions so that you won’t skip an item or two.

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