Teaching Children the Importance of Reading

Reading is important if you want your children to perform well in school. A student who regularly reads will have an easier time understanding his lessons compared to someone who has not opened and read a book. In fact, students who are still not able to read at the age of eight can already be predicted to develop learning difficulties. Teaching children how to read, and to value reading, therefore, is essential. Here are things you need to remember when teaching your children to read.

As Parents, Learning Has to Start From You


A child’s parents are his first teachers. Therefore, you should find time to read with your children. Start by reading a book to him before bed. Then gradually change this habit by asking your child to read with you. Every week, give him something new to read. Reward him with small prizes to encourage him. Then sit down with him and discuss all the stories you read. This will not only help develop a healthy reading habit for your child, but it will also teach him how to analyze situations.

Pair Up Reading with Writing


Helping your child learn how to write is an essential part of the reading process. Writing is basically like reading; you write a sentence, dialogue, or a story on paper instead of saying it out loud. Train your child to write. Better yet, ask him to write his own version of the story you read together. This will not only improve his reading and writing skills, but it will also help him develop a creative mind.

Encourage Your Child to Join a Book Club


Once your child joins a book club, he will be exposed to more reading materials. This will give him more options to choose from in terms of book or story types. Likewise, it will teach him how to interact with children his age. He can discuss the books he reads with his co-members. This will help develop a healthy reading practice for your child. Joining a book club is also fun, so your child is guaranteed to love the experience!

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