How Graduates Can Get a Job during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As a graduate, looking for a job is never easy but during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is twice as hard. The economy is on an all-time low and many people are currently unemployed. Does this mean that recent graduates should lose hope? No, You can actually get a job during this time. You only need to do things right. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

Focus on the Industries that are Currently Hiring

Some industries are really affected by the coronavirus and they are not hiring much. These include the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industries. If you majored in these, you need to use your skills and get a job in the industries that are hiring right now. These include healthcare, ICT, Logistics and online retailers to name but a few. Together with your graduate degree, major on your skills when making job applications to give you an upper hand. Still need to learn more skills? Register for relevant online courses and use this lockdown time to learn something new.

Start Applying Now and Go On Till You Find a Job

Graduates are advised to start applying for jobs as soon as possible. It may take a while to get a job but do not give in. Keep sending out applications and soon you will get positive feedback.

While some companies are deferring recruitment for graduates, they are not cancelling. Keep an eye on such companies and be the first to apply when they start hiring again.

Online is the New Recruitment Method so Ace it

Most companies are using online platforms for recruitment. All interviews and assessments are carried out online. So, as the prospective interviewee, you need to be ready. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and practice your communication skills. Try doing mock interviews just for practice. Ensure that the location is quiet and free of any distractions and the camera angle is just right. These are what matter in online interviews.

Be on the Lookout for Advertisements

During the coronavirus pandemic, advertising channels used by companies are changing. Most companies will only post job offers on their official company websites. Keep checking company websites for open vacancies. Also, talk to experienced recruitment agencies that can help you find suitable opportunities.

Another way to find a job for a graduate at this time is through LinkedIn. Create a profile and connect with potential employers.

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