a1The Internet is a superhighway of information. Whatever you need, you’re bound to find online. One topic, though, that has not been thoroughly explored by the Internet is schools. There are not a lot of sources and websites that offer a variety of information dedicated to schools. This is why we decided to establish an online repository of everything related to schools.

Redd Plus is an online school & educational resource guide. It is a blog that offers information about issues, events, news, and other relevant matters related to school or schooling. It is an online guide for students, teachers, and parents. It features tips, stories, illustrative guides, interactive activities, How-tos, and updates about schools and the academic world.

Redd Plus is also your go-to site for information about the best schools for your child. It provides a list of the major schools in the United Kingdom. Likewise, it offers feedback about particular schools via a rating system. This rating system has criteria that help students, teachers, and parents determine the performance of a school during a specific school year.

Additionally, Redd Plus contains fun and relevant information about the different subjects taught in most schools. There are activities, tests, and interactive games for each subject, too.

Redd Plus is a complete resource for students, teachers, and parents who want to make the most of their school experience.