How iPads in schools are helping to improve education

ipad for learning

Does your child’s school require iPads yet? According to school leaders, this powerful gadget has proven to be more than just a toy but rather a versatile tool for learning. With over 10,000 educational apps available, teachers and students have more opportunities to explore more aspects of learning.

According to research conducted by the Pearson Foundation, more than six out of ten college students have said that tablets help students study more effectively and perform better in classes. Another study by the KIPP Academy also showed that 49% of students scored higher in flipped classrooms using iPads than students with no iPads.

In many parts of the world, students ranging from nursey to college are using iPads as an additional method to teaching and engaging in learning. Using iPads for education is bringing endless access to valuable tools students need such as a thesaurus, dictionary, math, and reading. In this guide, we will further discuss how beneficial iPads can be when used appropriately.

Here’s how iPads in schools are helping to improve education.

Fitting the Millennial Lifestyle

While iPads have been around for quite some time, it is still new to the classroom. Students have claimed to find them easier to use rather than traditional computers. Additionally, students can now carry a versatile device for assignments, group projects and even eBooks instead of carrying a backpack full of books every day.

Classrooms are Ready for Technology

Remember when everyone was excited about computer lab? Students can now embrace the new technology by learning how to troubleshoot and resolve digital issues faster than today’s adults. This provides students with more hands-on training in problem-solving. Read more