How to relax naturally


In this modern world, there are so many things we now use to help us relax. Unfortunately, some of this includes using unnatural chemicals that damage our overall health. Some of this involves taking drugs, prescribed medication, cigarette and alcohol. For others who are seeking a natural relaxation technique, it’s time to go back to basics.

Laugh more

When was the last time you laugh really hard? Having a good laugh could simply be meeting up with your friends and having a good and fun conversation with them. You can even do the same with your family by having a get-together and enjoying each other’s company. Or why not also try watching a comedy film? Better yet, visit a stand-up comedy club where you can laugh your heart out.

Outdoor environment

Did you know that our natural surroundings can be therapeutic and relaxing for our mind and body? By simply going out and spending some time near a park or a river, it could instantly improve our mood and help us relax.

Massage and Spa

For many of us, going for a spa or a massage seems to be just a treat that we do once a while. Massage should be treated as an essential activity for our mind and body. A massage session helps our body unwind as it helps release tensions and toxins from our muscles.

Increase your magnesium

Magnesium combats many symptoms including depressions, tiredness, cramps and mood swings. Overall it helps reduce our stress levels which then allows us to relax more. Magnesium can be obtained from many food sources including nuts and seeds.


Try a yoga class. Yoga class teaches you a combination of physical and breathing techniques which helps relaxes our body. The physical methods can also help release tension from our body. Visit your local class or try them at your home.

Different activities that can help you de-stress

yoga pose

For many of us, stress can occur to us anytime throughout our life especially when you have a hectic lifestyle. Trying to juggle our personal life and work life can sometimes cause us to stress, so it’s important to find some activities that can calm our mind and body to help us relax and just let go of thoughts that cloud our mind. Clown workshops are activities that practises different forms of self-awareness and relaxation through mindfulness, movements, dance, play, being still and so much more. We’ve also found some more classes that you can try to help you de- stress.

Mindful Meditation

If you haven’t already heard or know about mindful meditation, it’s an activity that aims for your body and mind to be engaged in the now or what we call the present moment. Many people undergo this activity to relieve any worries, anxiety or stress that causes them to dwell on the past or the future.

Mindfulness meditation can be applied to various types of activities including mindful breathing, simple exercises and much more. Most meditation class will carry out the basic activity that involves sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and back straight while focusing on your breathing. The classes are held in an empty or quiet space away from any noises or distractions. You also have the option to have your eyes open or close. Keeping your eyes closed is the best way to meditate to let your mind wander and not have any distraction on site.


Yoga classes involve following some yoga poses and focusing on your breathing at the same time. The exercises are known to improve strength and flexibility and at the same time help you reduce stress and anxieties. Be aware that there are different types of yoga classes, so it’s important to do a few research before attending. Some examples of Yoga classes include Hatha, Anasura, Vinyasa and more. Each class specifically focuses on tackling different issues. For fighting against stress, we highly recommend the Hatha and Power Yoga.

A popular yoga pose called ‘Eagle Pose’ is known to be the best move that relieves your stress. It specifically targets any tension on your back and neck area. The pose can be applied by standing up with your right arm in level in your front. Then wrap your other arm under the front of your right. You then bring your palms together as if though you are praying. You can align both of your arms into position by lifting them up and away from your face. Read more